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Mashreq Bank Website

An streamlined and user friendly site, built based on our brand new design language and with Mashreq values on its core. It’s Human centered, transparent, honest and straightforward.


This is a huge project, still ongoing.
The project includes 5 different segments:

  • Retail Banking
  • Gold
  • Business Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Corporate Banking

3 Sub-brands:

  • Mashreq Al Islami
  • Mashreq Neo
  • Mashreq NeoBiz

Across 6 countries (UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrein, India and Pakistan) and delivered in arabic and english

What we have achieved so far

  • Dramatic increase in page views and conversions
  • Content publication time has been reduced significantly, from hours to seconds
  • Increase of NPS